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Gaining Safety & Trust Live Workshop

If you need safety and trust in your relationship then this workshop is completely for you and here's what you'll get.

1. You will learn the difference between checking boxes and living a life of recovery. We will help you make your list on the spot and define how you live it. 

2. You will learn how to define boundaries that bring out the best in you which are motivated by who you are. We found it's too easy to defined boundaries to exert control and that is an unhealthy way to be boundried. 

3. Shame is a monster that perpetuates fear and anxiety. You will learn how to identify someone who was safe and with the proper way is to let go of shame. 

4. There's got to be rules when dealing with conflict between the addicted in the betrayed. It's best to establish those before conflict takes place so everybody plays fair. These will be established before the event is over.

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