When we shared our story we had no plan other than to help.  Then the requests started coming and they never stopped.  Aside from specialized therapy we've both found that accountability served us well in a big way.  Recovery from any addiction can give peace and safety to the addict and the betrayed.  Figuring out your triggers, practicing mindfulness, creating safe boundaries, finding healthy coping tools, and learning to be vulnerable are all skills that can be learned to foster lasting recovery and sobriety.  The opposite of addiction is connection - not JUST sobriety. 

Coby’s mentorship has been critical for me in both times of struggle and peace. He helps me recognize my need to remain vigilant to achieve my goals when I’m doing well while also providing a compassionate and healthier perspective when I am facing challenges. His care and understanding are an essential aspect to my health and recovery.
This last year has been very difficult as a parent. I knew something was wrong last fall but when my son; a senior in High School, leader of his school sports team, and straight A student; he told us he had been struggling with a pornography addiction I was shocked. He never exhibited ‘the symptoms’ I had heard about. He has and still is very respectful of women. I thought as a parent I was doing what I should when it came to parenting in this digital age but technology changed so fast I couldn’t keep up. He said he had actually sought if out and with personal devices it was easy to cover his tracks. Addo Recovery & Coby have helped him acquire tools that will help him not only fulfill a mission for his church but work toward having healthy relationships in the future. I am very thankful for this program and the Church of Jesus Christ’s program for how it is helping my son. Addictions greatest deception is the belief that we can manage it on our own. We have to ask for help not only of those we love and trust but God as well.
I’ve really enjoyed working with Coby. He keeps me on task with critical insights to my blind spots or impaired thinking. His attitude is upbeat and hopeful as he encourages daily tasks that keep me mindful and engaged in my recovery. Coby has a great understanding of tools to help with emotional regulation, cognitive impairment, and recognizing and dealing with shame. You always feel you have someone in your corner no matter what. Tim P.


One on One Accountability Mentoring

Weekly 30 minute video zoom call with Coby

90 minute intake included at no fee

Daily "check-ins" of accountability

Customized recovery skill set


Group Online Mentoring & Accountability Group

Weekly 60 minute video zoom call with group

4-6 guys per group

Focus on developing recovery skillset and vulnerability in a group setting

Group feedback and insights welcome…yup that means cross talk

Morning, mid day and evening group options

Group text thread to check in each night and reach out when needed